Media Center Hours:
7:00 to 2:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday the media center is open until 1:45.
Book Suggestions:


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Computer Usage Contracts: Contact Information:

Do you have a computer contract on file in the media center? If not, please print the first page from the link below, fill out the information, have your parent sign the form and return the completed form to the media center.

*You may have to disable a pop up browser or hold down the control key as you click the link if the link(s) do not open.
  • Miss Sheila Butchart- Media Specialist (ext. 23429)  -
  • Mrs.Jill Leary- Office Specialist
  • Phone: Circulation Desk- (386) 822-6909 ext. 23696

Policies and Procedures:

Fast Facts:


You must have an identifiable purpose for visiting the media center. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to an atmosphere that can be conducive for learning.  

Remember:  The Rule is Respect, Respect is the Rule

Official passes are required when classes are in session.  Students do not need a pass to come to the media center during lunch.  ALL students must sign in at the front desk each period.

Computers and Printing:

Students must have a Electronic Information Services form on file to access the computers. If a class is in session in the computer lab, students must only use designated computers. The first 3 pages of printing are free each period, before school and at lunch.  After that it is $.10 per page to print. Please be sure to use print preview! 

The copy machine costs $.10 per copy. 

  • The library collection contains over 10,000 volumes for circulation, with additional volumes in the reference section. 
  • There are 4 computer labs with approximately 25-30 computers each.
  • We have a large-format printer, Ellison die-cutting machine, copy machine, laser printers, a scanner, and a color printer. We also provide craft paper for academic  use.
  • Our periodical section offers an assortment of magazines, plus a daily copy of the Daytona Beach News-Journal and twice weekly copy of the DeLand-Deltona Beacon.
DHS Alma Mater:

Mother of our growing knowledge, Loyalty to Thee we pledge;

Culturing the seed of wisdom, Thou has guided our life’s ways

Ever shall we pay Thee homage, counting it our privilege:

Always we shall sing this anthem, Praising Thee through all our days:

Alma Mater, fair and glorious how we love thy mem’ried halls.

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Media Center

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Lunch Periods are determined by your 5th period class!

1st Lunch (11:15-11:51)      Buildings 1, 9, 10, 12, 13(not dance), 14, 15, 18, 19

2nd Lunch (12:13-12:49)     Buildings 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13(dance ONLY), 17

20 and ROTC

Students are only to be released at the start of their lunch period.

Regular Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule (50 minute classes/36 minute lunch)

Period Times
Warning Bell 7:27am
Period 1 7:29-8:19am
Warning Bell 8:25am
Period 2 8:27-9:17am
Warning Bell 9:23am
Period 3 9:25-10:15am
Warning Bell 10:21am
Announcements 10:23-10:25am
Period 4 10:25-11:15am
FIRST LUNCH 11:15-11:51am
Warning Bell 11:57am
Warning Bell 11:21am
Period 5 11:23am-12:13pm
SECOND LUNCH 12:13pm-12:49pm
Period 5 11:59-12:49pm
Warning Bell 12:55pm
Period 6 12:57-1:47pm
Warning Bell 1:53pm
Period 7 1:55-2:45pm


Early Release

(1hr Early Release/42 min. classes/34 min. lunches)

Period Times
Warning Bell 7:27am
Period 1 7:29-8:11am
Warning Bell 8:17am
Period 2 8:19-9:01am
Warning Bell 9:07am
Period 3 9:09-9:51am
Warning Bell 9:57am
Period 4 9:59-10:41am
FIRST LUNCH 10:41-11:15am
Warning Bell 11:21am
Warning Bell 10:47am
Period 5 10:49am-11:31pm
SECOND LUNCH 11:31am-12:05pm
Period 5 11:23-12:05pm
Warning Bell 12:11pm
Period 6 12:13-12:55pm
Warning Bell 1:01pm
Period 7 1:03-1:45pm